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Beta 0.3



RTR VII: The Iberian Conflict v1.2
“The Iberian Conflict” is a regional mini-campaign for BI v1.6. The campaign map covers the Iberian Peninsula and part of north-western Africa. There are 2 playable factions (Carthage and Celt-Iberia), plus several non-playable ones. The campaign runs from 238 BC to 218 BC. When playing as Carthage, the player is offered several scripted missions which allow you to re-create actual historical events (Hamilcar Barca’s conquest of Iberia). 4 turns per year. TIC is fully mod-foldered and can co-exist with other mod-foldered mods.

TIC Campaign Map:

RTR VII: Fate of Empires v1.4
“Fate of Empires” is a continuation of the regional campaign mini-series. The campaign map centers on Western Europe and covers the Iberian Peninsula, Italy, parts of Gaul (in the north), Illyria and parts of Greece (in the east), and north-western Africa (in the south). The campaign runs from 280 BC to 50 AD. There are many new and interesting features including a completely re-designed economical system, a new mini-regions concept, new battle-map environments, and high-quality units (unit models are 512×512 vs. 256×256 in vanilla RTW/BI). 4 turns per year. Requires BI v1.6. FOE is fully mod-foldered and can co-exist in the same installation of RTW/BI with other mod-foldered mods.

FOE Campaign Map:

This is the third and final part of the RTRVII project, which started with the release of RTR: The Iberian Conflict (TIC), in January 2008, was followed by RTRVII: Fate of Empires (FOE), in November 2009, and now reaches its culmination here, in RTRVII.

The RTR VII map is essentially an extension of the map from RTR VII: Fate of Empires. The map extends north and encompasses all of Gaul, while extending east to the Black Sea. South of the Balkans there is Greece, and east of the Aegean Sea there is Ionia. All the regions from RTRVII: FOE (Iberian, North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Epirus, and Southern Gaul) are be included. The intention of the RTR VII map is to explore the Western Mediterranean in great detail. We hope to provide the player with an immersive and unique experience that accurately represents the geopolitical situation during the time period.

RTR VII Map (click to view in full size):

Fortuna Orbis – Main Version (0.6) (Direct Download)
Fortuna Orbis – Patched Version (0.95) (Direct Download)
RTR 8 Beta 3.0 (Direct Download)



Rome: Total Realism 6.0 Gold / 1.9 Platinum / 2.0 Platinum

The 6.0 Gold “Grand Campaign” was the final creation released by the original RTR team and was designed to work on top of RTW v1.2. The campaign map consists of nearly 200 regions and covers all of Europe, Northern Africa, and extends east nearly all of the way to India.

The 1.9 Platinum version is a port of 6.0 Gold for the newer RTW v1.5 / BI v1.6, plus some bugfixes for problems found in 6.0 Gold.

The 2.0 Platinum version is a port to make the mod playable with the Alexander expansion (and requires it).

Imperator II (Direct Download)
Metro-Naval 1.9 (Direct Download)
AqD’s Mod (Direct Download)
ExRM Beta 6.7 (Direct Download)